Dave and Maria 

We combine our skill sets to reinterpret our design and woodworking vocabulary in a  collaboration bringing our own individual aesthetics to the studio. 

Dave received formal training in woodworking from the International Yacht Restoration School in Newport RI, and holds a MFA in Sculpture from the University of Connecticut. 

Maria started her career as Industrial Designer in Mexico, and obtained an MFA in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2016. 

Maria & Dave | Workshop-83.jpg

The Studio

SinCa is a furniture design studio. Founded by husband and wife Dave Sinaguglia and Maria Camarena.

We work with interior designers offering our hand crafted collection made to order which give us the ability to customize dimensions, wood spices and finishes upon request.

SinCa woodshop and design studio is located within a historic 1850 farm house in Tolland CT. The synergy between past and present in the space is a direct influence in our design strategy.

The result is a collection meticulously designed reinterpreting traditional woodworking elements into a modern style; leaving aside unnecessary details to humbly give space to the inherent aesthetics of the craft and the function of the object.