How We Work



Hi! We are looking forward to hearing about your next project !

Email us to with ideas and a description of what you are looking for. Explain your needs to us, time frame, budget, specifications. Don’t forget to attach images that could help us understand better what you are looking for.

Once we receive your email we will reply with questions if we have any. Based on your request we will send you price ranges and estimated time frames. After exchanging this information and agreeing in the scope of the project we can arrange a meeting to start working together.


  1. The design process starts with a site visit to take dimensions, photos and talk about the project.

  2. With the information gathered we will start designing. We will communicate the design to you with sketches, material samples, more images and 3D models until you are completely satisfied with the design.

  3. The design package for approval will include a render, overall dimensions, details, materials and finishes, fabrication quote and timeline.

  4. Our design fee starts at $1000 that will be billed previous to the site visit.


Great! If we are here is because you approved the design, now we can start fabricating your furniture.
To start you will be billed 70% of fabrication cost. Once we receive the payment we can schedule the fabrication and give you a completion date.
During the process we will be sending you one email a week to inform you of the progress of your piece.
Before finishing we will send you an invoice with the remaining 30% and optional dates for delivery or installation.

Shipping / Delivery / Installation

Each project is different so each delivery is different:

  1. If your furniture requires installation it would be included in the initial quote and will be billed in the final 30% invoice.

  2. If your furniture only needs to be delivered with no installation required shipping will be billed separately. You will have the option to choose between a standard shipping company (FedEx, UPS), White Globe Delivery or SinCa Delivery (this option is only available within 150 miles radius from the SinCa studio).